Thursday, October 1, 2009

Post MIF Answers #2 (U.S. Centric)

1) [...]My current goal is to become a CFO, is that possible?

I totally agree that LBS MiF will help you in that regard. This year has been really tough on LBS graduates. most people had to go back to their original employers, or worse yet, take a job they have not wanted. I think times are getting better though.

What I'm trying to get at is many people coming to LBS had the illusion that the degree would automatically get them a highly desirable job.

2) Do you know if the Milkrounds also include opportunities back in the US?

Very minimal. I tried being proactive and wanted to organize a career trek to the US, but I received no support from career services. Career services have targeted marketing efforts where they sit down with employers and pretty much market the students prior to academic year start. They cannot do that for the US companies, so that's why there aren't many opportunities in the US

3) Are you looking to come back to the states or stay overseas? Do you have a choice?

Not really for the time being.

In general, I think you should assume that there's 80% chance you will stay in London post-grad unless you have/make good contacts and arrangements in the US prior to coming to London. Also, LBS brand name means a lot in Europe, but people in the US are not very aware of it. Many people asked me why I wasn't going to LSE, since they think it's a better business school.

4) How does your healthcare work during the program? Since that is on every news cast here in the states these days.

Good and bad. Your entire family would have free health care, called NHS. You first register with a GP (general practitioner - like PCP in the US), then for any problems you visit him/her. The GP may direct you to a hospital to see a specialist. The service is fast, you don't wait ages before seeing a doctor. There are also a few unpleasant things about it. They don't run enough tests since they are on a limited state budget. Still pretty good.

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