Thursday, October 1, 2009

Post-MIF Answers to some questions

I've been getting quite a few emails recently from people considering whether or not to apply / join LBS. Hope this helps.


* Once you have completed the program, could you please explain your overall opinion?

It was great. Biggest complaint was the core (mandatory) course modules in the first semester, especially if you arent into accounting and corporate finance. I wasn't. Smart people, great classes to take.

* Was the Master worthy in terms of personal experience and education received? Did you regret not to have taken an MBA from a top tier Business School

No. I already have an MBA and MIF was a 1000 times better. Just cut out all the b.s. and get down to business. Reputation wise, there is a problem though, since everyone knows LBS MBA, but not very familiar with MIF. That's not a big problem in London though. Esp. hedge funds and PE shops prefer MIFs rather than MBAs.

* Did you receive offers that fulfill your expectations, despite the current economic/financial situation?

Yes, I work for a hedge fund. I had another offer as a quant associate from a mutual fund, but I chose the hedge fund. I had found the HF prior to MIF thru networking, did a summer internship here, and worked part time during the year. School did not like it, but I didn't care. At the end I ended up with a great job. It took a lot of working, studying as well as sacrifice from the social and family life. It's doable though and I would highly recommend doing so.

* And your classmates, did they receive attractive offers as well?

Not all of them. The ones that got offers were the ones that had laser sharp focus in one area. Being a "jack of all trades" is not a good thing during market downturns. People want employees they can rely on, ones that are proven and has shown dedication to one and only one field. This effect is more pronounced when the jobs are scarce.

* Any additional positive or negative comments about the program that you would like to point out?

MIF project can be a big pain in the *ss, or it can be a great thing fr your resume. Try to make the most out of it. Get a feeling for the people first, and pick someone that is reliable


Anonymous said...

Thanks.. u r blog has been really useful.. I am planning to apply to LBS MIF program for 2011 entry.. Can you please help me in this regard, if possible..?

Agent Kermit said...

I suggest you read this entire blog, as I've put a lot of time into providing useful info.